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July 2018: Teeth Whitening

Have you watched a movie from the 80’s or 90’s recently and thought “Man, those are some yellow teeth!” Over the past 10-15 years, it seems that teeth have become brighter, whiter and we’re always looking to make them brighter and whiter still. Many of our patients ask questions about teeth whitening, especially come summertime, so we thought we’d share some information with you in case you had the same questions. Moreover, we know you have weddings, family get-togethers and events this summer and if you’re not a fan of your teeth discoloration, we want to help.


Throughout your life, it is common for teeth to look aged or discolored.  This is due to the foods we eat and the way we take care of our teeth.  Of course, drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine all play a factor in tooth staining. However, many people  don’t realize that citric/acidic foods can erode the enamel exposing a yellowish tint. Oddly enough, many acidic foods are touted to be “natural” teeth whiteners such as lemon and strawberries. These do whiten the teeth at first, but end up wearing away enamel that will never return causing sensitivity and, you got it, yellowing! Other foods that can stain your teeth include dark berries like currents, blueberries, and blackberries.  Basically, if it stains your clothes, it will stain your teeth.  Brushing your teeth at least 2x a day is always a good practice and can help fight stains, but there are other options that penetrate deeper than surface stains.


The bleaching gel ingredients include carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, which seep into the pores of the teeth to get at the base of the stain.   These ingredients break down the stain and repeat applications expose the natural tooth color. Depending on the depth of the stain, more applications may be necessary to achieve the desired results.


We totally understand the confusion as there are tons of whitening products out there. There are lots of good options that you can buy easily BUT if you want the very best, we suggest KoR Whitening, which is available here at our office. KoR will give you the best, whitest smile guaranteed and we’re really excited about the results our patients have seen. KoR whitening doesn’t just treat the surface stains, but the internal staining as well. It is one of the most advanced and researched products on the market.


KoR uses a combination of at-home bleaching trays and an in-office visit to achieve optimal whitening results. The bleaching gels are kept cold which allow for the greatest efficacy (gels not kept cold see drastically less effective results). Patients who have tried whitening often note that there is pain and sensitivity. KoR addresses this issue with the best desensitizer in the whitening world to help patients feel as little sensitivity through the process as possible. As far as the treatment, it is easy:

  1. You see us for a consultation. We scan your teeth digitally and send that to KoR’s lab (no yucky, gooey impressions needed!)
  2. KoR sends us your custom trays and (cold) bleaching gels for your use at home.
  3. You whiten at home
  4. Last, you return to the office to receive your final treatment and…
  5. …BAM! Your teeth are beautifully whitened and you are good to go. Forever!


We can rave all about this product, but you want to see real people, right? Here are a couple patients who can tell you (and show you) more:

“I haven’t always had the straightest or whitest teeth for most of my life, but they were always well taken care of. I always brushed, flossed and made routine dentist appointments; but I drank coffee and tea just about every day. I’ve used expensive whitening strips and whitening gels before, but they never seemed to work fast enough or get my teeth as white as I would have liked. After using the KOR whitening gel, I saw an improvement after the first night. The improvement in the color of my teeth after the first night helped to motivate me in being dedicated to the process. People around me actually started to notice the difference. After the entire process was over, my teeth were and are, the whitest that they have ever been.”  -John Arney

“This product definitely has much more noticeable results than any other product that I have ever tried, including whitening toothpaste, strips, and other products available only through the dentist.  The result was a more brilliant white smile overall (without looking fake) including towards the gum line which in my experience is the harder area to whiten.”  -Lily England

Whitening your teeth can really make a difference in your life, giving you the freedom to smile and never be ashamed of what you see!  We believe in the process so much that the whole team here at MVDC are using the KoR system and would love to talk with you and answer any questions you might have!  Feel free to give us a call at (509) 962-2755.

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